Axent erasers – quality and distinctive design by default


“No axe can cut out what a pen has written about” the folk wisdom says. However what is written in graphite pencil can be easily removed by Axent eraser leaving no trace.

New releases of 2014-2015 office season – Axent erasers made of thermoplastic rubber can clean the paper delicately and without effort. The advantages of this material are apparent – erasers are non-toxic, have long-lasting performance, are tear- and low temperature resistant, do not harden or break. This means that your personal assistant, Axent eraser, will serve you loyally until it fades.

This eraser is a joy to use – handy beveled edges will help you precisely remove pencil trace, and distinctive nifty design and color range will suit the taste of even the most demanding office sophisticates. Excellent price of erasers are a welcome bonus.

New releases are presented in five designs:  beveled edge erasers – Duo, Expert, Gross, Joy; three-edged eraser – Piramid.