Axent self-adhesive labels suitable for any task


Self-adhesive labels are an incredibly useful invention that has a wide range of applications. They are used in sales to apply the barcode, to put information on products, to label boxes, packaging and containers, as price tags. Office workers have found another application for labels by printing address stickers for envelopes and for documents classification.

Let us clear up what are the must-have properties of the high-quality self-adhesive labels.

Firstly, the labels must be universally applicable and suitable for printing on laser and ink-jet printers as well as for use in copying machines.

Secondly, the labels must be manufactured from high-quality paper that promptly comes unstuck from the base.

Thirdly, owing to the silicone base printing on labels must be firm not to peel off or smear.

Axent self-adhesive labels possess all the above listed properties. They are manufactured from high-quality Vellum TTR paper and offered in 19 sizes for various purposes and tasks. The collection also offers labels with rounded edges, which are an exclusive offer on the market. A special feature is the lidded packaging convenient for storing unused sheets with labels. Your labels will not crumple or smudge. It is easy and handy to take the labels out of the box and put them back in.

In order to simplify the printing, Axent offers an easy-to-use AxentLabel program to create label templates, price tags with barcodes and address labels. You can download the program here.