You are helpless without a ball point pen


70 years ago the first lot of ball point pens came into the market. The queue near the New York store was so big that the authorities had to summon several hundreds of policemen for help. In spite of the fact that the new product cost as much as 12 dollars there were thousands of those who wished to buy it. Today pens have transgressed from oddities to life essentials. A pen is always within a hand’s reach regardless of the person’s occupation. Pens are in abundance at the market, however the requirements of the contemporary user grow – a pen must not only write well and without smudges, but must also be handy, pretty and stylish…

Unconventional and distinct ball point pen models Streamline, Glory, Tropic, Catsline, Allegro, Glide and Vivid have individual design and character and they are all associated with traditional high quality comparable to pens of trademarks that specialize in writing instruments.

 Components of Axent pens are made by world-recognized manufacturers:

1. Swiss Premec pen point allows smooth, continued flow of ink.

2. High quality German Dokumental ink guarantees high quality writing features.

On top of that Axent pen case is made of high-grade primary plastic increasing its impact resistance and thus its service life. Ergonomic design, comfortable grip zone (rubberized case or a ridged rubber grip) prevent your fingers from sliding and your hand from overstressing.

It is perfect when the pen not only writes well and is easy-to -use but is also lovely to look at. Among Axent new releases are stylish pens of variable designs and colors to fit every taste. You will definitely choose a pen to your liking and it will always find a place in your purse or daily planner pen holder.